Donate today to keep history alive at Fort Mifflin! image

Donate today to keep history alive at Fort Mifflin!

Fort Mifflin's extraordinary story is best told in context - right where it happened. Help us as stewards of both the site and the story with a generous donation.

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History LIVES at Fort Mifflin

Fort Mifflin is one of Philadelphia's hidden treasures and a backbone of the American Revolution. Right on the Delaware River and adjacent to the Airport, Fort Mifflin was the site of the greatest bombardment of the Revolutionary War and was instrumental in delaying the British re-supply of their occupying army in Philadelphia in November 1777. The valiant defense of the Fort allowed Washington's army the time to establish winter quarters in Valley Forge. Reconstructed beginning in the late 18th century and in use until 1954, Fort Mifflin was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1970. Now the Fort invites you to experience history first hand right where it happened.

Your support helps us preserve and interpret the site and share the extraordinary story how a small, unfinished fort on a muddy island in the Delaware River stared down the mightiest navy of the 18th century world, and "held to the last extremity" just as Washington ordered.